Often imitated. Never replicated.

Morrison Medical is the most trusted brand in the EMS Industry bringing you the highest quality emergency medical products from Columbus Ohio since 1970. Our products are often imitated but NEVER duplicated.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Morrison Medical is to provide our customers with a wide range of quality emergency medical products, superior service and to conduct business with integrity as we have since 1970.

Proudly serving the EMS industry for over 50 years

100% Quality & Satisfaction guarantee on every product.

Proud American manufacturer since 1970

Fast Facts

Restraint Straps
Most Requested
Soft Stretchers
most popular kit
3-way tie:
Biohazard Protection, Clean Up & OB kits
Cutest product
Infant Stocking Cap

Pride Points

Satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on all of our products.
Years of service providing the highest quality emergency medical products
4.6 million
The length, in yards, of straps sold my Morrison Medical since its founding in 1970