Morrison Medical Fulfillment Services

A division of Morrison Medical

Morrison Medical is known world wide for our quality products, superior customer service and fair pricing in the emergency medical supply field. If you see a restraint strap on a backboard or gurney, there's a good chance that it's a Morrison strap. We are also involved with contract manufacturing (sewing), custom kit assembly and new product research and development.

We Now Offer Fulfillment & Logistical Services


Contract Manufacturing

Contract sewing, assembly and packaging are some of the services we are able to provide. Even though we are a medical product manufacturer, we are able to use our expertise on non-medical items. Our sewing operations include pattern stitching, bar tacking and straight sewing. We do everything with foam except the actual production. We hot melt, coat, cover and assemble many items that have foam components. We assemble many types of kits and have the ability to assemble kits to our customer's specifications.