Morrison Medical Creates Personal PPE Kit

We’re making it easy to stay safe and healthy with our brand new “Personal PPE” kit!

The phrase “Personal Protection Equipment” or PPE was largely unknown a few months ago, but the Coronavirus changed all that. Now masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes are items everybody seeks to have on hand. That’s why Morrison Medical,one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers and suppliers of emergency medical equipment, has developed a new “Personal PPE” kit. Consisting of a single disposable mask, latex-free pair of gloves and disinfectant wipe, each kit comes pre-packaged with exactly what’s needed to stay safe and healthy.


“We were thinking about what is convenient for the customer,” said Kevin Jeffers, managing partner of Morrison Medical. “There are a lot of masks, gloves and sanitizing wipes out there in bulk, but no one seems to be putting a single-use pack together that you can just grab and go. We do a lot of different types of medical kits so this idea seemed like just a natural extension for us,” he said.


Morrison Medical’s Personal PPE kits are available on the company website at For corporate use, the kits can be branded with a company’s logo, if desired. Pricing discounts for larger quantities are also available.


Morrison Medical manufactures emergency medical equipment, serving paramedics, first responders, fire and rescue personnel, emergency room personnel and acute care facilities. Morrison Medical is celebrating 50 years in business and its products are fully warrantied and have always come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information please call (614) 461-4400 or visit

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