Morrison Medical Develops Unique Mask/Shield Combo

Innovative PPE You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Wearing both eye protection and a face mask can be awkward and cumbersome, but not anymore. Morrison Medical has launched an innovative new product that combines a disposable face mask and eye shield into a single, lightweight, easy to wear device.

Featuring a non-FDA 3-ply disposable face mask with a metal band sewn in for a better and more comfortable fit around the nose, the Morrison Medical Face Mask with Eye Shield has an optically clear eye shield with an anti-fog coating that covers the eyes and upper face. It offers wearers protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, bodily fluids or harmful chemical splash and is easy to put on or take off via soft elastic ear loops.

“We wanted to provide options for our customers seeking an added physical barrier around the eye area beyond a typical face mask,” said Kevin Jeffers, managing partner of Morrison Medical. “This device ticks all the boxes for medical professionals, first responders or anyone seeking full-face coverage.”

Morrison Medical’s Face Mask with Eye Shield is available in all quantities and offered in lots of 10. It is fully disposable and not recommended for repeated wearings.

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