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0960NL - 0975NL

OB Kits

OB Kits include everything necessary for an emergency birth. All items in our emergency OB Kits are disposable.

  • One pair non-latex exam gloves, sterile (1 each)
  • Disposable scalpel, sterile (1 each)
  • Plastic lined underpad (1 each)
  • Gauze sponge, sterile (4 each)
  • Umbilical clamps, sterile (2 each)
  • Plastic placenta bag with ties (1 each)
  • OB pad, strerile (1 each)
  • Receiving blanket (1 each)
  • Non-woven towels (3 each)
  • Bulb syringe, sterile (1 each)
  • Plastic apron (1 each)
  • OB towelettes (1 each)
  • BZK towelettes (1 each)
  • Apgar scoring chart (1 each)
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buckles & endstyles

Patho-Shield Straps

Morrison Medical’s Patho-Shield® Straps will outlive and
outperform your current straps with less maintenance required. Patho-Shield straps are designed to prevent the absorption or penetration of bodily fluids

There is no stitching like with standard cloth and plastic straps. With no exposed fibers, these straps are100% impervious to bodily fluids, bacteria and viruses – making them quicker and easier to clean than standard straps. The longevity of these straps means fewer replacements over time, saving you money.

Patho-Shield® Straps are extremely strong – with a break strengthof more than 1,800 pounds – yet adjust easily and stay very flexiblein extreme temperatures.

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OB Kit with Infant Cap, Poly Bag, Each
OB Kit, Cardboard Box, Each
OB Kit with Foil Bunting & Cap, Bag, Each
OB Kit with Baby Bunt & Cap, Box, Each
OB Kit with Scissors
OB Kit, Regular, Poly Bag, Each
OB Kit, Regular, Cardboard Box, Each
OB Kit, Regular with Foil Baby Bunting, Poly Bag, Each
OB Kit, Each