Patient Transport

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3010 - 3030

The Soft Stretcher

Available in 3 sizes, Morrison Medical’s Soft Stretchers are specially designed for moving patients of all sizes, up to 2,000 pounds. Great for lifting and transporting patients out of awkward and confined areas or stairways, transferring patients, and moving several children or more than one average size adult at a time. The Soft Stretcher is latex-free and made from vinyl material with continuously reinforced nylon straps and features no-slip grip rubberized, pre-molded handles. Designed for quick cleaning and durability, The Soft Stretcher is the superior choice economically and for quality. All 3010, 3020 and 3030 regular color is orange unless specified. Carrying case is included with every soft stretcher.

Available colors:

buckles & endstyles

Patho-Shield Straps

Morrison Medical’s Patho-Shield® Straps will outlive and
outperform your current straps with less maintenance required. Patho-Shield straps are designed to prevent the absorption or penetration of bodily fluids

There is no stitching like with standard cloth and plastic straps. With no exposed fibers, these straps are100% impervious to bodily fluids, bacteria and viruses – making them quicker and easier to clean than standard straps. The longevity of these straps means fewer replacements over time, saving you money.

Patho-Shield® Straps are extremely strong – with a break strengthof more than 1,800 pounds – yet adjust easily and stay very flexiblein extreme temperatures.

Available colors:
product Numbers & variations
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Regular, 30X70", Soft Stretcher
Regular, 30X70", Soft Stretcher Blue
Large, 40X71", Soft Stretcher
XXL, 60X80", Soft Stretcher